7| Fittings and furnishings for the marine


ARCO International is responsible for maintenance, spare parts supply and installations of panels saws equipment . It works with qualified staff that has developed specific experiences of installation, assembling and testing of machines and cutting equipments.



For many years ARCO INTERNATIONAL has been involved in the sales, assistance and repair centers for used cutting equipments for wood industry.

Ripe experience and ongoing research has enabled the company to provide its customers a wide range of used equipment derived from the most prominent companies in the industry.
ARCO INTERNATIONAL particularly, has a wide range of Angular Blades/Cutters, Single blade Cutter, loading and unloading systems and Bar Cutters, which are available for viewing both in its own warehouse and partner companies (affiliates).
The equipment, if required, are reviewed and checked by qualified personnel, in order to have a guarantee of any type of product, as well as respond to current standards.
Check the technical specifications of the equipment which are currently available.