For more than fifteen years, ARCO INTERNATIONAL has been responsible for the design, manufacture and sale of cutting equipment for wood industry.

Its vast experience, along with its constant market presence, now allows the company to provide its customers a wide range of customized solutions, even in other types of industries. In fact, based on specific customer requirement, ARCO INTERNATIONAL is capable of producing machinery which is also suitable for cutting cement-fiber, plastic and aluminum panels.
The production program includes: single-blade and angular cutter, multiple-trimming blades, multiple blades for high production, pre-edged pack or single sheet cutting machines, high speed cutting machines and cutting machines with folding technology.


Originally ARCO INTERNATIONAL took care of the delivery, repair of used machinery and specialized sizing assistance of each brand and of all kinds of cutting equipments, promoting and establishing collaborations with leading companies in the industry. It has then led to a road of success that have allowed an idea to become a market reference. In the past years in fact, the company’s growth has been strong.
The experience acquired by its personnel combined with attention to the evolution of markets allowed ARCO INTERNATIONAL in providing its customers not only traditional services but as well as consulting, study, design and construction of equipment for cutting panels of wood or wood derivatives, plastic panels, panels of fiber cement and aluminum extrusions.

Due to long time of engagement in the identification and customization of all potential application capacities of its own machineries, the company is now able to design and manufacture equipment for small and large operations. The Brescian Company commitment, in relation to their customers, expresses itself through continuous investments that ensure a steady progress in quality production and a greater capacity to respond.
ARCO GROUP constantly aims for continuous innovation and diversification, in order to provide competitive high-quality products along with precise and punctual customer service.